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Drain Cleaning Tips - sewer line cleaning with an auger

The rule of thumb for sewer line cleaning generally is that it needs to occur on an as-needed basis only. If you are relatively new to having sewer problems, and your house is newly constructed and you have not had any previous issues with drain blockage, clogging, or root intrusion, then your current sewer line is most likely in fine shape. However, it never hurts to periodically get it cleaned out. Below are some tips for keeping your sewer lines clean and running smoothly: The Sewer Surgeon


Raw sewage drains pose the greatest environmental threat to your home. If not cleaned and kept up, raw sewage makes its way down the drain over again. This creates a problem with two-fold: it puts you at risk for flooding and it creates a host of toxic byproducts that make their way into our groundwater supply. The most common byproduct that develops from raw sewage is LCHG, lice-like fungi that cause black sooty spots and smell bad. great post to read


Watch out for any raw sewage warnings sign. They include toilet bowl clogs (usually when you take a dump), slow draining toilets (especially if you use a paper towel to unload and clean out the toilet), and irritated bowel movements. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should call a sewer cleaning professional immediately. While you can clean most of this mess yourself with mild detergent, it is still not a good idea to attempt to clean it on your own. While you can save money by doing the job yourself, there is a strong likelihood that you will damage the pipes or worse yet, explode an expensive raw sewage pipe. There are also the dangers of inhaling the foul odor.


If you have trees near your home, you may want to consider tree removal for your sewer line cleaning needs. Trimming out branches can keep drains clear, especially during storms or when there is heavy rainfall. This is because during heavy rains, tree debris can build up and make it way into the sewer system. Tree roots will be crushed when they break off from the tree. If you do have large branches cut down for sewer line cleaning, make sure to do this as soon as possible to prevent backups in the future. Keep in mind that large branches can also break loose and crash through doors, leading to an expensive repair bill.


It is important to keep a close eye on your sewer lines at all times, and especially during sewer line cleaning or other maintenance projects. Raw sewage sometimes leaks out during routine maintenance, and this often occurs when a drain is being cleaned and is covered with a tarp or other material. If you do not keep an eye on your drains for larger pieces of trash, they may get stuck and break off into larger pieces which can enter your sewer system and cause a major clog.


Other than tree roots, clogs can also occur when drains are being cleaned or repaired. Clogs tend to occur in sewer lines that are less than three feet in length. Smaller drains may be able to handle smaller clogs with minimal effort, but if your sewer lines are much longer or wider, you may need to call in a professional plumbing company to take care of the problem. If a clog does occur, this means that you will have a much more difficult time treating any type of toilet or drain problems in the future.


When pipes are being replaced, there are some things you can do to help make the process easier. For sewer line cleaning or repairs, you can try using a high-pressure water jetting system. While this may seem like an extreme way to get rid of a clog, it is very effective. A high-pressure jetting system can blast debris out of pipes using high-pressure streams. The high-pressure stream can push debris out of the pipe and can even dislodge larger objects that are stuck in the pipe.


There are other drain cleaning options that are less drastic than using a high-pressure jetting system. For smaller pipes, you can try using an auger. Using an auger can not only clear clogs, but can also make the site easier to repair in the future. If you are having major sewer line repairs completed, you should look into video camera systems. These systems are extremely helpful when dealing with larger-scale repairs because they give you the ability to easily see what is going on.

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